Saturday, 9 July 2016

Posting suspended

After nine years and just short of 500 posts, I have decided to suspend posting on this blog.

There are two reasons for this, which reinforce each other. One is that I have some non-SFF writing projects I am determined to complete but am making very little progress with due to lack of time (and I'm not getting any younger). The other is that I have gradually found writing reviews becoming a chore that I have to slog through rather than a pleasure.

I will leave this blog site in existence because the many book, film and TV reviews it contains may remain of interest. Who knows, I may even revive it at some point if my priorities change.

In the meantime, thank you to my readers, especially those who have stuck with me for many years. Keep reading SFF - I certainly will!


Fred said...

Sorry to see you go. However, I hope you are able to finish those projects and then will be able and willing to return.

And yes, I will keep reading SFF.

Deryk said...

Thanks for all the reviews and commentary and sorry it has become a chore. I hope you enjoy your other writing projects and wish you all the best.

Unknown said...

Like the others have said sorry to hear it and thank you for your efforts. Not sure where I will find a reviewer who matches your viewpoint, never mind. Good luck with your endeavours.

Anthony G Williams said...

Thank you for your kind remarks.

I will endeavour to keep some notes of my reading and viewing, and maybe post a summary from time to time.

Mark said...

Please keep the blog open, as an avid SF reader of some 45 years it's an amazing resource.

Anthony G Williams said...

Will do!