Saturday 30 May 2015

TV – Lost Girl, Season 1 (2010)

This Canadian series was suggested to me by the service I rent DVDs from. It sounded interesting and had a high approval rating – particularly for the humour – so I thought I'd try it.

Lost Girl is a contemporary urban fantasy featuring Bo Dennis (Anna Silk) a bisexual young woman who is rather different from human. By touching other people she can make them do whatever she wishes; by having sex with them she feeds on their life force and kills them – usually unintentionally, but she can't help herself. She lives a nomadic life, forever moving on and leaving a trail of victims behind. At the beginning of the series she rescues Kenzi Malikov (Ksenia Solo), a streetwise young thief, from a rapist. The two become friends and partners. But Bo has come to the attention of other non-humans and discovers that she is a succubus – a member of a population of Fae with varied supernatural powers living as normal people.

If you are interested in watching this series it's probably better not to read any further. I'll just say that it is fun, sexy and amusing (with Kenzi stealing the show with the best one-liners) and I am looking forward to catching up with the series. There are four seasons available, with the fifth and last season currently being made.


Bo learns that the Fae are divided into light and dark factions and, after passing a test, she is expected to join one of them. She refuses to choose and sets up as a private investigator in partnership with Kenzi. She forms a liaison with werewolf Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) who works as a police detective; she discovers that she can have sex with him without killing him, and that by doing so she can rapidly recover from any injuries. Her principal aim – and a plot thread running through the first season – is to discover her origin, as she was abandoned as a baby and given to human parents to bring up.

As the first season of 13 episodes progresses, we see Bo learning how to control and extend her powers while walking an uncomfortable line between the light and dark factions and experiencing a turbulent relationship with Dyson. In the final episode she discovers the identity of her mother, which leads to an outbreak of violence among the Fae and high costs for some of her friends.

I'll take a short break before plunging into the much longer second season – there are some films that need watching!

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