Saturday 2 December 2023

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To all readers of my blog: I have decided that this will be my final post. Not that I am about to expire in the near future (I hope) but I have become increasingly aware that my days are ticking by, so I need to focus on finishing the activities which are most important to me. 

When it comes to time spent in writing, a series of books on military technology take priority.  For the curious, details can be found on my website here: 

This does not mean I am forsaking fiction. I intend to continue reading novels old and new in various genres, and hope to participate in discussions in the Classic Science Fiction discussion group here:

I will leave my SFF Blog site as it is, for however long google lets it stay there:

Finally, I hope you enjoyed the SFF Blog. 

Basic data: 604 posts, from 28 June 2007 to 2 December 2023

Fare Well,

Anthony G Williams 

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Bill Garthright said...

Best of wishes, Tony. I enjoyed your reviews here, though I almost never commented - especially in recent years. Somehow, I seem to have less and less time every year. :)

Good luck going forward!